About Us

We’re hoping to grow and become people’s main source of news for League of Legends. Starting with one writer, and a lot of reader input (make good use of the comment section on each post) then branching out to hire as many writers as we can stand. The hope is that this site will eventually have numerous post a day so that people, like the crew of smurfcast, that are always hungry for more never get bored.

If you have something to say or have a cometary on a specific champion (math is hard!) check out our Submit Your Post page and we’ll see about getting your opinion out there for the whole web to see.

Looks like we need and editor too. Great at getting our words on paper, but not so great at punctuating them!

Contact us: thesmurfcast@gmail.com

Follow us: @smurfcast on twitter.com

About League of Legends

I’m Lazy Go Here: Getting started in League of Legends


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