The last game of the set saw the Nerds pulling out to an early lead. A great bottom lane gank, by Lee Sin, gave the Nerds and Corki the frist blood around five minutes into the game. Irelia bullied the Wolves top lane Malphite almost completely shutting him down for the entirety of the early game. Twelve minutes into the game the Nerds get a dragon kill but lose one of their team to the wolves pushing in on them. The Wolve’s Nunu warded deep into the enemy jungle constantly throughout the game, and it paid off in a big way. As they moved into mid game, Copenhagen started teaching “Warding 101” by the Nerds not being able to make a move without the Wolves seeing and countering. At the 19 minute mark the first team fight broke out in the river above dragon. Leona initiated the fight and the Malphite and Orianna ult’s made quick work of the Reddit Nerds. After respawning the Nerds made a last-ditch push to take Baron, but Copenhagen answered and took out two members of Reddit while Graves split pushed and took Reddit’s turret and inhibitor which caused the Nerds to surrender at 25 minutes. Copenhagen Wolves ran off with a 2-0 victory over the Reddit Nerds.

Check out both games at IPL’s video page

Reddit Nerds

Line up        K/D/A
Corki             3/3/2
Anivia           0/3/2
Sona              0/3/4
Irelia             3/4/2
Lee Sin          2/0/4

Copenhagen Wolves

Graves          6/1/3
Leona            1/1/9
Orianna           4/3/6
Nunu              0/1/10
Malphite       2/2/7


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