Reddit Nerds vs Copenhagen Wolves – IPL5 EU Qualifier #4 – Round of 32

     The last game of the set saw the Nerds pulling out to an early lead. A great bottom lane gank, by Lee Sin, gave the Nerds and Corki the frist blood around five minutes into the game. Irelia bullied the Wolves top lane Malphite almost completely shutting him down for the entirety of the early game. Twelve minutes into the game the Nerds get a dragon kill but lose one of their team to the wolves pushing in on them. Continue reading


New Champion at Gamescon! Syndra the Gravity Mage

A video of the new champion Morello hinted at, in an interview for a German gaming magazine, popped up on Reign of Gaming’s youtube channel this morning with a little of the other new champion, Rengar, thrown in the mix.

So far we know her name is Syndra and she’s an AP mage dealing with gravity.

All thanks to the wonderful power of (swing over and give these guys some upvote karma love) we have a tentative list of abilities. Continue reading